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About Me

Thank you for connecting with me here today, whether from Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. 

Perhaps we have met and had a conversation which has led you here. 

            It really is a pleasure to touch the lives of so many souls on both sides of life.  

  I have spent my life working with and alongside Spirit.

 Spirit have never ever let me down. 

My journey with Spirit began at a very young age, it has brought me the most joy in my lightest and  my darkest moments.

I  love to study, and have studied many holistic/Angelic/ therapies all certificated. 

However my connection with Spirit does not require a certificate, it is with love, dedication and patience sitting with Spirit that has created a bond of trust, faith and belief. 

I feel honoured and privileged to assist others raise awareness and share the love of Spirit.

This Year I am 52,I have learnt a great deal in that time and I still have a lot to learn, teach and share.

I have always worked in a caring field, working with people from many walks of life and in particular children and adults who have a learning disability and/or special needs.I am a qualified advocate for vulnerable people in our society as well as a qualified reflexologist and have also managed my own youth club for an organisation known as PHAB physically handicapped and Able-bodied young people. I believe I have worked with spirit throughout my life but my service of work with spirit has taken a different direction in the last 12 years. 

I work with my Angelic Team and my Spirit Family as well as my own guides  to bring you evidence of your loved ones in the Spirit World through Mediumship,Psychic Ability and Healing .

I have 3  beautiful children of my own and now live with my partner in the South East of  the U.K

I have recently received a distinction on an Advanced level Diploma Anatomy and Physiology Course.

 I chose to take this course in order to assist me with my healing services. 2014 gave me an opportunity to study the crystal skulls. 

I am currently studying hypnotherapy.

 My Divine Teachers have blessed me with many Spiritual Gifts. 

2015 presented a Health Challenge to me, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and have worked hard to overcome and achieve good control. 

I am fortunate in that I have developed all five senses in my Mediumship and psychic abilities.

Filming Spirit is one of many tools I have used over the years.

 This is all my own work and Spirit Responses to me.

 You can view some of the many videos on my 

Youtube Channel


Click on the Link Here 


One of the highest challenges I have faced is dealing with all the technical side of producing, editing and sharing my videos. 

I am totally self taught, not ever used a computer, video equipment, making videos, photography....so please bear with me!

The loves of my life are My partner Barry, My 3 Children, my friends here and in Spirit,our animals,fashion, beauty, hair, photography, reading studying, music and travelling the UK in our Caravan.

I love being out in Nature and doing anything Creative.

This year I am enjoying working with Higher Spirit Energies and Water colour  Enchanting and Divine Magical  energised paintings.

I really appreciate Mother Earth In all Her Beauty.

 Thank you so much for visiting today.

Blessings and One Love



What To Expect

 Once you have booked the Service you require I will email you to confirm your booking. 

Depending on the Service you require we will make an appointment at a time and date convenient to us both.

I am happy to discuss any questions you may have.

Please note Readings and Healing Sessions will not commence until  payment is recieved. 

Where you live is of no Consequence to Our Loved Ones in the  Spirit World they will connect with you through me regardless of your location in the world.

 Online reading has proved to be very successful for me, for Spirit and their loved ones.

Please know that all contact with me, Readings and Healing Sessions will be treated in the strictest confidence.

I am really looking forward to reading for you.

         One love




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A wonderful opportunity to experience an absent Healing Session through my Spirit Guides and Spirit Team. 

I offer this Service Internationally and have had incredible results.

Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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A  General reading with Your Spirit Family contains evidential and physical evidence in that your loved ones in Spirit are aware of situations in your life, they may offer memories of days gone by that they shared or are aware of, and guide you forward in the best way they can.

 Who will pop by to take part in your reading? 

 Experience has taught me that all things are divinely orchestrated from Spirit and unfold in the most beautiful way. 

There may be Spirit persons that have waited a long time to make a loving Connection with you.

Opening up an energy connection space can bring wonderful news and evidential validations for you.

 Spirit also bring information that you may not understand at this point in time.

 It may be a case of it hasn't happened in your life yet and is to come or that you may need to talk to other family members here on the Earth Plane to validate the evidence given.

Clients report feeling happy,calm  peaceful and relaxed.

 It is the most wonderful feeling to know that your Loved Ones are by your side here on Earth.  

 You will receive a typed email Reading within 72 hours of initial contact with me.

The reading will also include a card reading of validation.

 Online reading has proved to be very successful for me.

 Clients have been satisfied and very happy with their results. 

 Spirit offer you love, peace, hope, and an opportunity to heal through their Guidance.

For specific requests please contact me.

Thank you so much and I really look forward to working with you.

      One Love





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Do you need Spiritual Guidance?

The bond I have with My Spirit Team has assisted me through this lifetime in all my experiences. 

This has enabled me to support and guide others through some of the challenges that the Spiritual Path presents, all opportunities for growth although it may not feel that way at the time. 

This Spiritual Guidance session offers insight support love and guidance for the next steps to take.

 All sessions are individual to the client. 

Allow me to tune in with your Spirit Guides, and your Divine Hierarchy to guide you gently forward.

Your Spiritual Guidance and Healing Session will be typed up and emailed to you once I have completed the Session.

Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for visiting and connecting with me today.

       One Love